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Reality Reflections - God is Always Speaking to You

  I cannot tell you how many times I have people telling me that God doesn't talk to them. I am here to tell you that God is talking all day, you are just not sure of His voice yet.

Reality Reflections - What Gets Measured Gets Managed

  When we hear this Gospel, we may not quite understand what God is saying to us....."The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you,  and still more will be given to you."

Reality Reflections - Praying Without Doubt

 How many of us pray all the time without doubting? Yeah, pretty much none of us do that. We need to do this so we receive from the Lord...

Reality Reflections - I Am Not Supposed to Be Holy

  Ever think that holiness must be for someone else, not you? We talk about this today and how you ARE on the right track!

Reality Reflections - Why Did I Do That?

  If we asked this question throughout our day, we would have wisdom beyond our wildest dreams...listen in to hear what I mean!  If we asked this question throughout our day, we would have wisdom beyond our wildest dreams...listen in to hear what I mean! 

Reality Reflections - What is Love?

  Do you know what love is? What about agape love that is the theme of the Bible? We talk about how we cannot love without God mending our hearts today! Here is the link to find out what your charisms are:

Reality Reflections - Is the Bible Reading You?

  Many of us read the Bible and use others to help us understand it. But eventually we should allow the Bible (God himself) to speak to us alone. Listen in to see what I mean!

Reality Reflections - Do You Know How to Listen?

  Sometimes we struggle to hear God's voice in our lives. Let's talk about the right way to listen for God in every aspect of our day! 

Reality Reflections - This is What a Relationship with God is All About

  We could all learn something from Hannah and her relationship with God! Today's podcast we dive into what a relationship with God is really about...

Reality Reflections - Am I Not More to You Than...?

 How often do you feel unloved or less than with people in your life?  I have given and received this message, it's one we should all hear again and again.

Reality Reflections - Jesus Prays, Do You?

  Ever wonder what Jesus Prays about? Let's take some time and join Him to seek His help in prayer. It's a beautiful meditation.

Reality Reflections - What is Perfect Love?

  We all want to be loved, but what does it mean to have love perfected?  Let's dive in and love the way God loves us.

Reality Reflections - God is Speaking Clearly to Us

  Are you a liar? Are you a disciple? Are you loving others and speaking truth of the Gospel to the world? Wonder how to do just that? Listen to what God tells us today in His Word.

Reality Reflections - Are You Mad at God?

  Sometimes we may not understand or question His ways. Other times we might get downright mad at Him. Do this when it happens...

Reality Reflections with Kendra Von Esh - Discernment in The New Year

Discernment is not easy. We talk about how it is imperative to spend time with God to chose wisely.