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Reality Reflections - How Do You Master Your Emotions?

  Many have issues controlling their emotions, so how do you do it? We talk about the difficult but empowering journey of mastering your emotions as we continue with mind, body, soul...

Reality Reflections - I'm Back!

  I missed you all! Let's get caught up, shall we?

Reality Reflections - Are You Enjoying or Hating the Process of Change?

  Sometimes we are upset with the timing of change in our life, but we don't always know why that is...we talk about trying our best to pay attention to God in our life and accept where He has us now.

Reality Reflections - I Can Only Control Myself Right

  We need to remind ourselves and reflect often on how our relationship is with others. God will help with the good, bad and ugly.

Reality Reflections - When God Answers Your Prayers and You're Not Ready

  Sometimes we ask for God's help and when He gives it to us, we aren't exactly ready to take it or even contemplate that grace and gift. So, what do we do?

Reality Reflections - Is It Time to Make a Change?

  Sometimes we should change up what is going on in our lives so that we can be better on our journey in mind, body, soul! 

Reality Reflections - Discipline and Obedience

  Most of my lifeI have had a problem with discipline and obedience. But God is showing me how amazing and empowering it can be!

Reality Reflections - We Are Not Alone

  Sometimes, we feel abandoned and alone in our struggles in life. Today, let's take consolation in the fact that we are never alone with God. Plus, many people around us are struggling with the same things.

Reality Reflections - Priest, Prophet and King

  On today's feast day of The Baptism of The Lord, we talk about our role as God's People!

Reality Reflections - You Are Worried About the Wrong Things

  We are sometimes concerned with disasters in our lives, but we miss the REAL disaster!

Reality Reflections - You Know They Will Hate You But Love Them Anyway

  Jesus came to divide, but we are still called to love, even those who hate us. It is hard, how do we do it? Plus an update on prolonged fasting!

Reality Reflections - What Is That Inner Voice Telling You?

 Too many times, we do not listen to that inner voice because we or maybe Satan "excuse it" away. Let's talk about this and ways to fight it. Here is the link to the guy I am using for my hips and mobility exercises

Reality Reflections - You Have More Power Than You Know

  We go there, Children of God!!! We have such power and we are NOT using it!!! Let's GOOOOO! 

Reality Reflections - Live Your Life in a Day and Update on Prolonged Fasting

  Let's get excited about our resolutions every day. Let's live like we only have today and see how that changed how we think, act and love. So far, so good, no eating for me yet! Here is the correct prolonged fasting video:

Reality Reflections - We Should Be This Way for Everyone

  A good reading to reflect upon because everyone who God puts in our way is really family - our brothers and sisters... For help with prayer, go to   https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep   and for the prolonged fasting vide (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. So consult yours before doing anything.)