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Reality Reflections - How Do You Live Life More Abundantly?

  It's time to stop letting the THIEF of this world steal, slaughter and destroy you! We are CALLED to live an abundant life, so how do we do it?   If you want a 1:1 consultation, please send me an email, let's do this!

Reality Reflections - Is Your Life Same Old Same Old?

  If your answer to "how are you doing?" is "same old same old" you are living your life wrong. What does that mean and how do you change it?   Try my video prayer course at  http://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep  

Reality Reflections - A Memory Without An Emotional Charge is Wisdom

  Too often, we allow emotions to cloud the true message we are to receive when we think about past events and people. Let's do our best to remove emotions and see things through God's eyes so we can glorify Him appropriately.   If you need help on your journey, please go to faith-coaching

Reality Reflections - How to Engage Yourself for True Change

Sometimes true change requires much more involvement than we thought. So how do we engage in order to get that permanent conversion from our previous ways? 🤔

Reality Reflections - Your Trials Bring Testimony

  We have an opportunity to evangelize when we are faced with trials and temptations. How do we do that? Go to my website for ways to help you deepen your relationship with God at faith-services

Reality Reflections - Why You Should Meditate

  Too often we do not reflect WITH God about what is going on in our lives in order to know thyself like He knows us! If you need help on the journey, go to my website and check out my Faith services!  Https:// faith-services

Reality Reflections - Don't Change for the Sake of Change

  It's time to reflect on why we are seeking healing and Change in our lives. How do you do that?   We talk about that today! If you need 1:1 help on your journey, maybe I can help! Go to coaching

Reality Reflections - Don't Pray to St. Joseph Much?

  Even though I consecrated myself to St. Joseph, I find that I don't pray for his intercession very much. Today is a  reminder of how he can show up in our lives in a big way!

Reality Reflections - Your Past Can Be God's Wisdom

  Today, let's pray for God's wisdom to come into our heart so we look at our past as His wisdom instead of through our hardened heart! Send me an email for a FREE 1:1 consultation at  

Reality Reflections - How to Reconcile Yourself to God

  Sometimes we don't really want to let go of our sin or we go to confession because we "have to go". How do we make the most of this sacrament so we can receive all of God's mercy and grace?  If you want 1:1 help with your personal, professional or spiritual life, email me at   for a free consultation.

Reality Reflections - There Are Two Lies We Believe

  Sometimes we believe lies that we have been told but we also have another source that we must renounce always!!

Reality Reflections - My Body Rules Me

  We have trained our bodies to be the way they are and we can re-train them. It is much easier with God and I give you LOTS of examples today on how to do just that! 

Reality Reflections - Independence is a Bad Thing

  All too often we want what we want in our time and our way. Sometimes we even force our outcomes and it doesn't seem to pan out or stick. We talk about why dependence is a necessity on the journey of faith.

Reality Reflections - Blood, Suffering, Pain, Love

  Too often it is about the meat we cannot eat rather than the reflection and sacrifice we make for the love of Jesus. Let's remind ourselves and act differently this Friday and every Friday! 

Reality Reflections - Can You Change Your Personality and Temperament?

 We can change who we are, at our CORE ... but only if we do THIS! If you need help with prayer (and if you are not praying, you do need help) check out my video prayer course, let's walk together!  Https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - What Does It Mean to Show Up for Yourself?

  When we start our day on our own, you can bet that it will be like most of our "blah" days. But when we make ourselves our priority with God, everything ... and I mean everything ... is different! Listen in and do this, please!  

Reality Reflections - Are You Withholding Your Love?

  God spoke so clear to me and I am embarrassed that He had to do that? Why didn't I see this on my own? Listen in for the emotional story!

Reality Reflections - Are Your Thoughts and Actions Based on Love and Mercy?

  Sometimes we say or do things because we are supposed to, not because of basic love in our hearts. How do we love ourselves and others as Jesus commands, in all we think, say and do?

Reality Reflections - Do Not Be a Robot at Mass

  If you leave Mass the same person as you went into Mass, you might be attending like a robot. What do I mean and how to you ensure that DOESN'T happen? Listen in ... 

Reality Reflections - Lacking Motivation

  It happens to everyone. We lose our zeal for the change in our life or we draw back into what is familiar. What do we do to ensure we continue with the passion and enthusiasm from the beginning?

Reality Reflections - Expect the Unexpected

  Sometimes the unexpected is not good, how do you handle that? We also talk about confession and how to make the most out of it.