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Reality Reflections - Seed and Water

  We just passed St. Monica and St. Augustine's feast day, I was reminded with the readings today. We could all be reminded of our role in evangelizing!

Reality Reflections - Are You More Like Herod or St. John?

  Today's Gospel was a challenge to all of us to reflect on how much we love God's commandments and whether we are heralding for Him. Thinking we all have some work to do, especially making disciples! The Facebook page for tonight's event is fatherpeter.zorjan

Reality Reflections - 10 Minutes From Frazzled to Peace

  A sure fire way to set yourself free from stress, anxiety and guilt! You can do it today!

Reality Reflections - What Do You Do If You Can't Stop Sinning?

  Sometimes we think we have kicked a sin behind us, but it rears its ugly head and bites us again. What do you do?

Reality Reflections - Duplicity: What Is It?

  Are you duplicitous with your thoughts, words and deeds? We ought to seek out the meaning so we can fix this in our lives!

Reality Reflections - Are You Consumed by the End Times Prophecy?

  f you are worried, anxious or fearful from prophecies about end times, this is for you. 

Reality Reflections - Is Your Spiritual Life in a Slump?

  We all have our spiritual seasons, maybe your season is dry and you question your faith? It is important not to let this go too long without doing something drastic to shake it up a bit.

Reality Reflections - Are You Feeling Like a Bag of Dry Bones?

Sometimes we feel so far from God and His world around us. How do we get those dry bones to have new life?

Reality Reflections - Where is Satan in the World?

  A listener asked me to talk about the evil in the world. This is a little longer, but important to know what we are dealing with, right?

Reality Reflections - How Do I Fight Through Temptations and Trials?

  All too often we rely on ourselves to deal with the bad things that come into our life. If we keep doing that, not a whole lot will change. So, we need to do this instead. If you need help with prayer go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Time to Check Your Vocation - Are You Living It Well?

  Sometimes we may be in a rut or a rough patch in our vocation. Let's review our roles and see how much we can identify to change!

Reality Reflections - Do You Pray to the Whole Holy Trinity?

  Sometimes we have a strong relationship with one of the persons of the Holy Trinity and leave others out. Today we uncover the uniqueness of all three persons to help you deepen your relationship with all three.

Reality Reflections - Do You Talk About Your Faith Too Much?

  Sometimes we can push people away by talking about our journey of faith with others. Are you doing that with loved ones in your life? For more help on the journey go to faith-coaching

Reality Reflections - Afraid to Talk About Your Faith?

  Sometimes we are embarrassed to speak about our faith or to do the right thing. How do we get over this so we can be disciples? Need help on your journey? Go to services

Reality Reflections - Shake Up Your Spiritual Life

  It's time to change things up and get out of that rut! We talk about some ways we can do just that today. My article on Eucharistic Miracles: eucharistic-miracles

Reality Reflections - Are You An Obstacle to God?

  Some of us struggle to accept our life as it is and ask God to change things. Today we talk about why we should ask for the grace to accept our life instead! Need help with prayer? Go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - How Do You Fight Addiction and Strongholds?

  A listener reached out for help to stop eating sugar. I share a process, with God, to make it more meaningful, purposeful and spiritual. Send me any topics you would like me to cover to   and may you be patient and kind with yourself! 

Reality Reflections - How Do You Have a Difficult Conversation?

  Sometimes we make a tough conversation worse by mulling it over or trying to do it on our own. Let's talk about how to approach it for the best outcome possible. If you need help with prayer go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Spiritual Weapons Mary and the Rosary

  We have gone down the path of deliverance, now let's see how Mary and the rosary play a part in our fight against evil. Let's meditate together with the rosary! Rosary Meditations with Kendra Von Esh: playlist?list=PLS9qwI6_pRoZ9_ JvvDW30g79GLeUYSad1