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Reality Reflections - 8 Ways the Devil Gains a Foothold in Our Lives

  The more we know about the evils that have become mainstream, the more we can fight the daily spiritual battle. 

Reality Reflections - Test The Spirit of People Always

Evil is prowling around looking to devour us. People have chosen to worship Satan, and have allowed evil spirits to guide their words and deeds...and they are everywhere.

Reality Reflections - Let's Talk Deliverence

  All of us need deliverance! We talk about why and how PLUS, here is a free video for you to go through and finally find that peace, love and joy that surpasses all understanding!

Reality Reflections - Have You Delivered Spirits Today?

  Sometimes we forget we are fighting a spiritual battle and we rely on the physical world to help us on our journey. Let's review what, why and how deliverance needs to be a daily occurance.

Reality Reflections - I Believed Therefore I Spoke

  Are you speaking truth with love? It's time to do just that! Let's go there today and maybe all this week!

Reality Reflections - Time to Look Back Today

  Too often we speed through life seeking future change and circumstances. Today, we reflect and give thanks for what God has done for us to this very day. It will change you, promise! If you are interested in my prayer program  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Be Present Especially in the Insane Days

  Life can be boring and crazy, let's be sure to be present in every day so we can enjoy the little things where God shows up! Live Q&A link for Thursday! register/125/py7pwt55

Reality Reflections - This Gospel Isn't What You Think

  Sometimes it helps to dive into the Gospel according to Church teachings in order to find the true meaning. I did that with this Gospel and was surprised what I found.

Reality Reflections - 10 Ways to Pray the Rosary More Reverently

  Sometimes we just "check the box" when we pray the rosary. Let's not be Pagan-like and take some action to love God and pray from our heart! Click here for my guided rosary meditations: list=PLS9qwI6_pRoZ9_ JvvDW30g79GLeUYSad1

Reality Reflections - How Do I Love Like Jesus?

  We are called to love others exactly as they are, but how? We talk about the practically and necessary ways we need to do that on today's podcast! Attachments area

Reality Reflections - I Can't Keep Running Marathons

  Some days we just feel like giving up, but don't do it! If you are weary and tired of your life right now, listen to how you can persevere and finish the race! May God bless you today!

Reality Reflections - How Do I Manage My Emotions?

  Our emotions can overwhelm us and cause us to say and do things we wouldn't do if we could manage them. How do we do it? Listen to today's podcast to find out. If you need help with prayer, go to  https://acdemy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - How Can You Get Enough?

  One day, God helped me realize how LITTLE I need to be happy. It was the second biggest pivot of my life. We have two choices, check out today's podcast and choose wisely! 

Reality Reflections - I Am Done... I Am Too Tired to Deal With This

  Sometimes we get overwhelmed or caught up in emotions and just want to quit. How can we fight day in and day out without getting discouraged or just plain give up?

Reality Reflections - When You Think You Know What God is Saying Then He Says Something Different

  Sometimes we do not read Scripture with an open heart, especially the parables we know so well. God got me good today! 

Reality Reflections - Are You Truly Free?

We talk about freedom in a spiritual, physical and emotional aspect today. Quite enlightening when you see how freedom is truly necessary to live and speak truth in all circumstances.

Reality Reflections - What Does It Mean to Desire Mercy Over Sacrifice?

  When Jesus tells us to learn the meaning of some words, we better contemplate them. He does that in today's Gospel, let's break it down, shall we? Interested in my book, sharing my journey? Go to