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Reality Reflections - You MIGHT Get to Heaven?

  God sometimes gets me with ONE word. I had that today in my USCCB readings, and here we go, another reason to keep going on our road to Jesus!

Reality Reflections - Make a Move

  It is always time to make a move toward God. When we don't move forward we are actually regressing in in our spiritual life. Let's talk about that today!

Reality Reflections - Don't Lose Hope

  Sometimes it is hard to keep Hope alive, especially when we see our loved ones falling into sin and the worldly life. Trust me, I speak from experience, which is why I want you to keep hope in your heart, always!

Reality Reflections - Are You Praying, Really Praying?

  Sometimes we need to hear our hearts being challenged. St. Padre Pio says because we do not pray, that is why society is broken...hmmmm...

Reality Reflections - My Struggle with Mary

  My relationship with Mary has been up and down, even though she took me to Jesus to heal my addiction. Today, I am going to contemplate the Annunciation in a big way and see how I, too, can be like Mary and give my life to God.

Reality Reflections - How Do You Talk About Evil?

  Sometimes it is hard to bring up God, Satan, evil and good in the world. We really need to introduce this to our loved one, but how do you do it?

Reality Reflections - It's Time to Speak the Truth

  Can you see Satan working overtime in the world? If you can, are you speaking about it? Remember, it is your calling to do it...

Reality Reflections - Get Out of That Rut Now

  There is no reason to stay in a rut, feeling depressed or weighed down in life...let's take care of that right now, shall we?

Reality Reflections - Are You Cooperating with God?

  Many times we do not do what God asks of us and yet, we expect healing in ourselves and others. Naaman reminds us of that today...

Reality Reflections - We Will Never Understand Evil People

  Today's readings point out pure evil, something we can never fully understand. There is evil all around us, let's pray for God's discernment and truth. 

Reality Reflections - What is Servant Leadership?

  Some of us think of this as "just more for us to do" and I'd like to help reframe this in your mind. 

Reality Reflections - It Is Right in Front of Your Eyes

  God pulls up what we need to work on, right in front of our eyes!!! Why is it that we don't see and what do we do when we do see?

Reality Reflections - Falling Lots This Lent

  It is important to remember that Lent is a hard time and Satan doesn't want you to do any penitential act, what do you do if you keep falling? 

Reality Reflections - Have You Questioned Your Faith? I Have

  I believe all of us have had our faith rocked at some point. Today, I share one of the toughest times where I was truly straggling with Catholicism...

Reality Reflections - God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

  When we are in major trials, we may feel like God has abandoned us. Do not fall for that lie, it's the oldest one in the book that Satan uses....

Reality Reflections - Confession: Why Do I Need That?

  This one is a deep reflection, from my heart....filled with LOVE! 

Reality Reflections - Struggling with Others Suffering

  Sometimes we cannot make sense of suffering, especially with our loved ones...hopefully, this can bring some solace to you....

Reality Reflections - Finding it Hard to Love Where They Are

  We all need help to love those in our life and those we don't know with the heart of Jesus. But, how do we do that?  

Reality Reflections - We Need Spiritual Companions

  We are not meant to walk alone, we need each other on the journey. Do you have spiritual besties in your life?

Reality Reflections - Why Do We Wear Ashes

  I talk briefly about Ash Wednesday and also how we should approach this first day of Lent...

Reality Reflections - I Cannot Be Holy

  I share my road of holiness and how I told God that I am just not cut out to be holy. This one we can all relate to....