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Reality Reflections - Try to Receive Holy Communion This Way

  As I consecrate myself to Jesus through Mary today (True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis DeMontfort) I have learned a new way to receive Jesus into my soul, through Mary. It is beautiful and tried it this past Sunday! 

Reality Reflections - Are You Afraid to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

  Many of us live with patterns and ruts that are not good for our mind, body, soul and Spirit. But many of us are afraid to get out of that comfort zone and take away or add those new habits to our life. Let's talk about that today and be bold and take courage in God!

Reality Reflections - Are You Anxiously Awaiting the Holy Spirit?

  As we celebrate The Ascension of The Lord, it is time to pray and sacrifice these next 10 days for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

Reality Reflections - Give It Up to God

  Sometimes we forget to give up those circumstances we do not want in our life to God. I share how I am struggling with that myself these past few days! 

Reality Reflections - There's Something About Mary

  As I continue my journey with "True Devotion to Mary" by St. Louis deMontfort, my heart is changing. I want this for you, too!

Reality Reflections - If You Don't Speak Truth Satan Will Deceive with Lies

  Now is the time to be bold, our loved one's souls are at stake. This is the video I mention in the podcast...

Reality Reflections - What Does It Mean to Bear Fruit?

  Today, God gives our mission clearly! We must remain in Jesus and we need to be a disciples and bear fruit. But how?

Reality Reflections - Who Likes to Suffer?

  How many of you are going through something, be it physical, emotional, spiritual? Let's rest in peace knowing we are called to suffer in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Reality Reflections - I Have No Idea How to Evangelize

 That statement couldn't be more false. Every single one of us can Evangelize right here, right now. Here is how! If you need help praying, let's do it together, click here    https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Where Do You Seek Happiness?

  Today is a pep talk, a real discussion for you to find that joy, peace and love that surpasses all understanding. You know yoy want it, so let's do it! 

Reality Reflections - We Need to Have Compassion

I have seen a LOT of posts on social lately that are far from compassionate! As Christians, we need to speak truth with love, this is how!  

Reality Reflections - Do You Hear His Voice?

  Sometimes we hear and follow Jesus and other times we may be more luke warm or change like the weather. Let's reflect on His voice in our lives and focus on what we hear Him asking of us.

Reality Reflections - Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

  It is more important than ever to know why you believe what you believe since we need to speak truth now. Time to get your thoughts and reasons in order so you can speak from a place of love! 

Reality Reflections - Hope In This Not That

  If we concentrate our hope on God rather than people or what the world offers, we will find peace and joy that surpasses all understanding! For the Eucharistic Miracles, go to eucharistic-miracles

Reality Reflections - Let's Be A Philip, Shall We?

  The road is up and down on our journey, exactly like the Apostles. Today we go there and ask Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit to show us the virtue to work on...

Reality Reflections - Are You A False Devotee of Mary?

  Truth be told, I was a false devotee of Mary! My consecration has opened my eyes to this, I encourage you to read the book, even if you do not do the consecration. Speaking of book, here is mine if you are interested!  Https:// AmICatholic

Reality Reflections - Speak Truth This Way

  Sometimes we need help to speak truth to others and even to ourself! We have a gem today that will help us prove that Jesus was Resurrected. If you want help with prayer, go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep