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Reality Reflections - Are You Too Attached to Stuff?

  Today is a reminder of how we need God to help us detach from all of the "stuff" in our lives!

Reality Reflections - Gossip is the Last Snare of the Devil

  Do not judge, lest ye be judged. Did you know gossip is oozing with judgement? Yep, let's talk about that today!

Reality Reflections - What Does It Mean to Be Salty?

  We dive into the Salt Simiie today...

Reality Reflections - One Week to Go

  It is super important to pray to figure out what your act of sacrificial love will be this Lent...let's learn why...

Reality Reflections - Losing a Loved One

  Seems like I know too many who are experiencing such great loss of loves ones and pets....let's talk about that, shall we?

Reality Reflections - Ambitions Can Be Evil

  It's important to have wisdom and understanding of evil, unspiritual and earthly ambition! 

Reality Reflections - Faith and Works

  The age old debate of faith and works, we go there today and clear it all up! They both are the journey! 

Reality Reflections - Show No Partiality

  Whaaaaat? How do you do that? Listen in to find out...

Reality Reflections - Are You Deluded?

  I hate to break it to you, but you are ... we all are! Listen in, because this one is important!  

Reality Reflections - How Do You Receive Love?

  I share how I received love from my husband in a completely NEW way, it was so deep...let's receive love and God, who IS LOVE in a renewed way!

Reality Reflections - What is Your Calling?

  This coveres a lot of different aspects of calling, God's Wisd, signs or not...and what we need to do to fulfill our meaning and purpose.

Reality Reflections - Ego

  We talk about how EGO can creep into all of our lives and what we can do the help stop it from taking over....🙏

Reality Reflections - Your Heart Defiles

  Today's Gospel should smack everyone in the face. We must constantly pray for God to change our hearts, because it is truly from within that we defile ourselves...

Reality Reflections - How Do You Be A Disciple?

 S o many of us complicate what God asks of us, sometimes it is all about how we love ourselves and others.

Reality Reflections - What Does It Mean to Persevere

  Many of us are finding ourselves in despair and depression due to many circumstances in our lives. Let's talk about persevering each and every day!

Reality Reflections - Getting Impatient with Those Who Are Not Awake

  Many people in our lives do not see the world through our eyes. Sometimes it has to do with faith and other times with what is going on in the world.

Reality Reflections - What is Sacrificial Love?

 We take a look at how we can live like Jesus and love Him, others and ourselves differently.

Reality Reflections - Lord Listen and Answer Me

 I cannot tell you how many times I have people telling me that God doesn't talk to them. I am here to tell you that God is talking all day, you are just not sure of His voice yet.