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Reality Reflections - Hatred and Walking in Darkness

  When you have issues with your brother (aka ANYONE) you are walking in darkness, Jesus' light is not in you. So how do you forgive? And if you need help with your prayer life, go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Seasons Change, Evil Exists, and We Lie to Ourselves

  Three "in your face" topics in one podcast today! Let's take heed of these three things in our lives! 

Reality Reflections - Do These 3 Things Before New Year Resolution

  Let's be sure we focus on the right resolution, know our why and "pr-an" with God! If you need help with prayer, I can help! Check out my 40 Day Video Prayer Course

Reality Reflections - Christmas Reflection

  Christmas is just beginning, but many may be dwelling on the days just passed. Let's reflect, but move into more festivities these upcoming days! 

Reality Reflections - Be Kind in Your Reflections

  It is time to look back and see what we learned, but we have to be kind. All too often do we beat ourselves up and for what?     Plus a little meditation for Christmas!

Reality Reflections - We Are to Heal, Unite, and Bring Others Home

  A simple way to look at our role this Christmas and a little reflection on Mary and Jesus, it's another beautiful day! 

Reality Reflections - Voluntary Distractions

  This was a true God moment today, thinking He is speaking through me to you, my dear friends! For help with prayer, go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Who Am I Sharing Moments of Surprising Transformations?

  Sometimes we don't pay attention to our lives because we are in the middle of living it. But when we notice how much God HAS changed us and reflect on it, we may find He has done so much!

Reality Reflections - It's All About How You Pray

  What was the difference between Zechariah and Mary when they asked St. Gabriel a question about the message from God?   How can we learn and adjust our own petitions? I share my own miracle today, too!

Reality Reflections - You Might As Well Approach Your List Like This

  When you have so much to do and some is self-induced, stop and do it all THIS way! Plus my mortification update! 

Reality Reflections - Do You Make a Lot of Excuses for Things You Don't Want to Do?

So many of us don't even hear the excuses we make anymore, we are so fooled by our own warped ideas of faithfulness. Let's go there, cuz we all need it!

Reality Reflections - What Do You Do When You Are Not Motivated or Joyful?

  Every day is different, no matter how we look at the day, it us the day God made, so let's rejoice! How? Listen in...

Reality Reflections - Do You Need Counsel or Just a Mirror Moment?

  Sometimes we seek counsel to keep doing things we shouldn't and what we really need is the moment with God in the mirror! What am I talking about? Listen in ... 

Reality Reflections - Our Lady of Guadalupe

  Lots packed into this special day! Let's do everything with love and go to Our Lady of Guadalupe with big wishes and dreams!

Reality Reflections - I Am Amazed At What I'm Learning

  Wisdom is vindicated by works...what in the world am I talking about? Listen to today's podcast and let's connect some dots!

Reality Reflections - Mary Mary Mary

  On this amazing feast day, let's sit and love Mary's heart in a special way today and pray for the souls who are indifferent to her Immaculate heart!   

Reality Reflections - Not Feeling the Christmas Spirit

  Sometimes we aren't quite "feeling" the season. So, what do we do?

Reality Reflections - God Is Speaking to You

  So often we tune out God in all the ways He tries to speak to us - in people, writings, prayer, nature, everything! Let's pay attention and also toss around flowers...

Reality Reflections - Envy and Jealousy

  When others improve in mind, body, soul in a more virtuous life, do you tend towards envy and jealousy? 

Reality Reflections - Let It Be Done for You According to Your Faith

  Uh, how much faith do you have in God to help heal you and your relationships?   Yeah, we all need to listen to this...

Reality Reflections - If We Think About Our Strongholds, We Will Find Out How Stupid They Are

  I woke up at 4 am and contemplated temptations. I came to realize how ridiculously stupid they are, when I rationally think about how they do nothing but mess up my life! Listen in, I go all over the place in this one! Ha!