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Reality Reflections - Do You Find It Hard to Learn New Things?

  I have a distinct aversion to technology and apps. So, when I took on a new app to edit videos, I was more than humbled. We all need to learn and improve but if we do it THIS way, it is easier.  Https://

Reality Reflections - If You Do Not Pray You Will Not Be Saved

  Don't kill the messenger, it was St. Augustine who said that along with countless other saints. Let's talk about the power of prayer and how God has answered yours. If you need help with prayer check out my video prayer course!  Https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Are You Afraid to Die?

  Some of us might be afraid of dying, even though we have faith in the promises of Jesus. That doesn't quite jive, so let's discuss! 

Reality Reflections - Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

  God is not an evil God. He allows us to make our own decisions. We look at Job today and show how we can pivot our spiritual walk to align to Job's.

Reality Reflections - No More Excuses - Now is the Time

  We all have something we want to work on in our lives, but many of us kick the can down the road. Perhaps we have tried and failed over and over, but we will do something different this time! If you need help with prayer or a coach, go to my website and sende a note!  Https://

Reality Reflections - God Totally Gets You

  We have a huge calling and it can be daunting if we forget that He totally gets us. He knows our weaknesses, but with His grace and our daily surrender and humility, miracles will happen.

Reality Reflections - A Cornucopia of Gems Today

  Wow, there is so much to say about today's podcast that I can't really cover it in a description! I guess you just need to listen! If you need help on the journey, go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - I Know That Gospel So I Read It

This is a big mistake many make (I did as well) when they first start to read The Bible. Let's try not to fall into this trap, shall we? If you need help with prayer, Let's do it together! Https://

Reality Reflections - Do You Know About Ember Days?

  It is something we should not have let fall to wayside, in my opinion. Let's join in on this 2 day event this year!

Reality Reflections - Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Lady of Sorrows and More

We talk about this powerhouse devotion in our lives. What are the 7 sorrows, what are the 7 promises and how can Our Ladyvof Sorrows help us with our root sin! A packed episode today! My video on root sin  and my email for faith coaching  Our Lady of Sorrows Ministry

Reality Reflections - Are You Uncomfortable Praying the Sign of the Cross

On this feast day of the exultation of the Holy Cross, let's dive into the significance of this and get over the brainwashing this culture did to us to make us uneasy in public. Send me an email if you want to help bring me to your parish!  

Reality Reflections - Do You Compare Yourself to Others Too Often?

  We talk about the sin of vanity today and how it is a collasal waste of time to be jealous or envious of others. Let's let loose of the noose and set ourselves FREE! Need help on your prayer journey? Go to

Reality Reflections - What Does Family Mean to You?

  I have been reflecting on family for a few days.  I think many of us take for granted our relationships or don't give much thought to our family life. If you need help with prayer go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep  

Reality Reflections - How Do You Evangelize Those Closest to You?

  Some of us are failing miserably with our family and friends when it comes to evangelization. So, what do we do? If you need help with praying, check out my video prayer program, we can do it together!  Https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Mary Mary Mary (Marcia Marcia Marcia)

  That is the title of a chapter in my book. I didn't understand Mary's role in the Church or why there was so much devotion to her. Let's contemplate Mary in our lives today and her role in salvation history. My book

Reality Reflections - Are You Bored with Your Life?

  Our life can seem like groundhog day when we live the worldly life. What do we do to find that purpose and zeal?

Reality Reflections - I Used to Judge People All the Time

  God gave me eyes to see people differently early on my journey. Much later He helped me detach from judgement of others, they kind of both need to happen. Listen for some practical ways to stop judging others today! 

Reality Reflections - We Choose Into Sin or Out of Sin

  It really is that simple, so why don't we do it right all the time? How do we start making the right choice? Listen in to today's podcast!