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Reality Reflections - Prayer is a Battle

  It is important to know that it is normal to battle prayer, but that we can fight against whatever is calling us away from prayer! Lots of good information here today! Here is my prayer course  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep  

Reality Reflections - I Don't Have Time or Know How to Pray

  There is a time where I had no clue how to pray. But that had to change because I was seeking a deeper relationship with God wand wanted to hear His voice and know His will in my life. This podcast will help encourage you as I share the best thing in my life to date - my prayer and how I got there! If you want to build your own with God, check out my video prayer course at  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep  

Reality Reflections - God Is Here Now

  Been a while since you chatted with God? We cannot be who He made us to be if we don't talk to Him all day long. Let's talk about how we do that today!

Reality Reflections - How Do You Celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Jesus' heart is burning for you! When was the last time you went to confession? Now is the time to take full advantage of His mercy! I am going and explain why on today's podcast!

Reality Reflections - How Do I Speak About God and His Ways?

  It is more important than ever that we speak truth and share our own life experiences with our family and friends. If not us, who? And more importantly, how do we do it?

Reality Reflections - Worry Is A Sin

  Did you know that worrying is a sin? If you are one who let's worry consume you, here are some ways to stop this sinful behavior and trust God more!

Reality Reflections - One Day Horrible Next Day Awesome! What Was the Difference?

  Sometimes we do not reflect on our day to learn why it was bad or good. We need to do this every day so we can make small changes to see how it impacts us. We also talk about how powerful the Eucharist truly is!

Reality Reflection - Don't Talk About Religion or Politics

These are the MOST important topics ever, it's HOW you talk about them that matter!    Don't shy away, your theology frame your beliefs and political candidates shape policies that impact your lives.  Don't buy into that ridiculous saying, cuz THEY don't WANT you to talk about them. Think about it!   And watch my video  

Reality Reflections - Are You An Arrogant Prideful Christian?

  Do you wonder if you are being haughty in your witness as a Christian? It is a slight difference, one we should take to heart.

Reality Reflections - We Are Called to Be Different. How Do We Do It?

  God is clearly asking us to be different from the world, but how? We talk about that on today's podcast, don't ever give up your journey of virtue!

Reality Reflections - Why Isn't This A Commandment?

  After much prayer about forgiveness, I wondered why it wasn't a commandment. But I think God did even better and it has impacted me twice in a HUGE way!

Reality Reflections - I Need to Pluck, Cut, and Transplant

  Sometimes God puts situations in our lives that are a true test of our charity. I share one with you and how I plan to prepare and deal with it! It's a doozy!   Attachments area

Reality Reflections - Lord Help Me Love People Where They Are

  Today's Gospel is a reminder that we need to forgive and love people, even the ones who push our every button or who we don't like. Here's how we do it!

Reality Reflections - Stop Straddling Pick One

  Now is the time to choose how you will live. No more straddling between living Satan's ways and God's ways. Today should truly speak volumes to you! Attachments area

Reality Reflections - I Only Have A Little (That's All You Need)

  We forget how God can use the teeny tiny bit we have to offer and do GREAT things with it! Listen for some encouragement to offer your little bit to Him and watch the glory shine!

Reality Reflections - Don't Just Sit There Speak Up

  We go there with everything that is going on today including the emotional games, "pride" month, "science", laws, the constitution and what is a woman. Much longer than 10-minutes! 

Reality Reflections - Ya Know I Never Thought About This Before

  Today's Gospel spoke to me in a very direct way. I think we all need to thank these guys, check it out for more, don't want to spoil it!

Reality Reflections - Are You Fighting the Wolves in the World?

  We need God's truth and strength to fight the wolves/demons that are after our flock/families. How do we do that? We go there on today's podcast. Time to live the purpose and meaning of our lives!