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Reality Reflections - Don't Have the Courage to Speak Truth?

  Sometimes we are cowardly when it comes time to speak truth that others do not want to hear. Time to make a choice, do you live for an audience of one or no?

Reality Reflections - John 3:16-21

  Many of us know John 3:16, but read all the way through 3:21 and think about how you live and whether you are working out your salvation here and now...might surprise you! My prayer course   https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep Attachments area

Reality Reflections - Was Jesus A Socialist?

  Don't worry, this is not a political podcast, but it does drive home the major difference in Jesus' way of living versus how we live today...

Reality Reflections - We Are All Suffering with Something

  Sometimes it helps to know that our brothers and sisters across the world are suffering along with us. Not in a misery-loves-company way...we talk about what is good about this on today's podcast.

Reality Reflections - What Is Your Favorite Thing to Do?

  We talk about whether we reject God and ways we can help remind ourselves not to do it...

Reality Reflections - What Do You Hear?

  Today's Gospel is packed, each time I read it, my heart burns in a different way. Let's take a look and let The Word read us a bit, shall we?

Reality Reflections - Let's Be Like Mary Magdalene

  Now is the time to speak and be bold like Mary Magdalene! If you want to get a real prayer life going, let's do it together! Go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep/

Reality Reflections - So How Did It Go?

  How was your Easter? We reflect on the Lenten Season and how we move forward into the Octave of Easter today!

Reality Reflections - Happy Good Friday

  Time to reflect on His Passion. Let's do it now, shall we?

Reality Reflections - Time to Reflect and Be Thankful

  Today is a huge day, so much happened this day and it is only right to reflect and thank Jesus!

Reality Reflections - We Have All Judased Jesus

  I have betrayed Jesus for way more than 30 pieces of silver! Let's reflect on how we have "Judased" Jesus today!

Reality Reflections - Holy Week: What Will You Do?

  All too often we do not think about Jesus as much as we should during this week. Let's change that today! 

Reality Reflections - Are You Doing Your Part?

  How many of you are REALLY doing your part to be the best, loving Christian you can be? Uh, none of us, really, is the answer...

Reality Reflections - A Reminder We All Need

  We forget this too often. I was reminded of this in confession, one we all need to keep in the front of our minds, hearts and souls!

Reality Reflections - I Can't Even Think Evil Thoughts

  How does one stop the evil thoughts from running rampant in our minds? We talk about how important this is on today's podcast! 

Reality Reflections - Are You Jealous of Righteous People?

  Sometimes we can have our faith challenged and we get upset with people's righteousness. Let's look into this and also take it into consideration in today's world.