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Reality Reflections - I Was Cain

 Living and learning is what it is about. Yesterday was a very good learning day for me, I gave God what I had left over, not my first fruits! 

Reality Reflections - How Do You Know Your Heart is Changed?

  We all seek permanent change, but how do you know your heart has TRULY been transformed in some aspect of your life? My article on Catholic Stand your-emotions-are-killing- your-mind-body-and-soul/  and my Relevant Radio interview on how to live in the present moment: air/eric-wallace-black- history-month-kendra-von-esh- li

Reality Reflections - How Can You Live in the Present Moment?

  Every day is different, yet so many people say their life is "same old, same old"... it wouldn't be if they were aware and living today fully. How do you do it and why? Listen in...

Reality Reflections - The Body Hates Change

  Let's review yesterday and learn from our triumphs and struggles. We can make it an adventure instead of a challenge!

Reality Reflections - Day One

  When the first day of Lent challenges you, what do you do?   THIS! 

Reality Reflections - Let's Grab God's Hands and Jump

  It's time, some last minute preparation for the big day tomorrow! Let's get excited and throw all our trust into God's hands!

Reality Reflections - Already Losing Confidence in Your Lenten Decision?

  If you are worried that the Lenten sacrifice you chose may not be successful, then you need to listen to this!

Reality Reflections - Go Through This Process Before You Decide What to Do for Lent

 This is a long one, combined with how we have our emotions programmed and how we can deprogram them as well as the 'come to Jesus' type of Lenten decisions we all need.

Reality Reflections - My Heart Needs a Flood of Noah

  Happy St. Valentine's Day! Let's talk about our hearts and love ... not what, but who ... and how it is so simple, the road to mind, body and soul health!

Reality Reflections - Feeling Heavy

  Sometimes we aren't feeling our best and aren't giving our best to Jesus, Others or You. Listen to hear how to get that JOY back into your day, now! 

Reality Reflections - Your Negative Emotions Are Killing You

  You can control your thoughts and reverse all of the negative effects on your health! But, how? 

Reality Reflections - Is God Really the Center of Your Life?

  So, I think it is fair to ask ourselves whether or not God is REALLY the center of our lives.   Hopefully, this podcast is inspiration to re-establish that focal point!   We all need it!

Reality Reflections - How Does Light Impact Your Health?

  Today, we read about God making light and dark, day and night. Do you think about why He did that and how earth and light were there to help His creatures thrive and be healthy? Don't forget to check out my free rosary meditations! Rosary Meditations with Kendra Von Esh: playlist?list=PLS9qwI6_pRoZ9_ JvvDW30g79GLeUYSad1

Reality Reflections - Be Satisfied But Don't Be Satisfied

  We should be satisfied and NOT satisfied at the same time. What do I mean by that? Listen in...need help with prayer or your life, let's talk! coaching

Reality Reflections - Have A Change You Want to Make But Don't Know How?

  We need to ask for help, people, especially for those big changes, cuz we need encouragement and inspiration on the journey! Send me an email at  or check out my video prayer course at  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Let's Talk About Stress Baby

  It's all connected and many of us don't even know stress in our lives and what it can do to our mind, body and soul!