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Reality Reflections - Why Don't We Talk About the Eucharist More?

We are called to share the Gospel, so when was the last time you talked about The Eucharist? Here are some ways we can do just that! My article on Eucharistic Miracles Https:// eucharistic-miracles   Join the Soul, Mind and Body Support Group playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - Don't Think You Can Change That One

  Have you tried a million times to change that one thing in your life? Don't give up, make sure you give it a try with me! Click here, watch a video and click JOIN on the left below the title! playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - We Are Suffering With the Same Things

  It is comforting to know that most of us suffer with similar things in our life and we can be there to help one another. Join the Soul, Mind and Body Support Group for ONE month, cancel after, but I don't think you will! Check out the link right here playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - Find Your Meaning and Purpose

  Are you seeking a big change in your life or maybe some small changes? Whatever it is, we need to tie meaning and purpose to it. Listen in to find out more... If you want to join the family in Soul, Mind and Body, check out the link playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - What Does it Mean to Be Filled With All the Fullness of God?

  The most important relationship is with Jesus, so how is that relationship? Will He know who you are on judgement day? Are you filled with peace, joy and love?  Don't forget to join my Youtube 'Soul, Mind and Body Support Group" the link is in the description of the video!   We will be doing a 21-Day Challenge starting May 1st, share this with friends, let's do this! playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - How Can You Enjoy the Journey More?

  We sometimes focus so much on the destination that we MISS the journey and the process of holiness and change. So, how do we do that better?  Don't forget to join the Soul, Mind and Body Support Group! playlist?list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - What Does Your Word Mean?

 Our word should mean something, so why do we let ourselves down so much? Shouldn't we demand that our word be worth more to us than others?  And check this link to try join the membership only group! list= UUMOomOLNKo70zgeWxOJEJChlQ

Reality Reflections - What Day Is It?

  Today is Tuesday, nothing spectacular about it, IF you look at it like just another Tuesday. But it could be the best day of your life! 

Reality Reflections - There Is No Perfect Time So Let's Start Now

  There will never be a time when the stars align and everything is perfect for you to begin that change. Never! So, let's do it now!  Https:// KendraVonEsh

Reality Reflections - A Big Change Takes A Little Planning

Why do we think we can jump into a change, no matter how big or small without a little planning? We can all use some support with our Soul, Mind and Body!

Reality Reflections - I Want This Season to Change

  God definitely has better plans for our lives than we do, that's for sure! So, how come we debate His works and timing in our life? For help with prayer, go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep  

Reality Reflections - Expect Something New and Different Today

  Expect the unexpected, my friends! Today and every day, we just have to believe miracles are coming our way! 

Reality Reflections - God Loves Us in Our Sin Just Like Mary Magdalene

  It isn't by accident that Mary Magdalene saw Jesus first, we talk about God's mercy and love as we are Mary to Him. If you need help with prayer, go to   https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - Every Person Needs This Support

  We all need help on this journey! I am looking forward to this next step God has me on, hoping you will join me!

Reality Reflections - What is Holy Thursday All About?

  Today is packed with events that have changed the course of history and we should know what all of it is ... and reflect on it. Let's pray for Jesus to enter our hearts today in a big way! 

Reality Reflections - How Can I Glorify God Today?

  We talk about the many ways we can glorify God today and how this Wednesday before Easter should perk us up in our Evangelization activities! If you need help on the journey go to faith-services

Reality Reflections - How You Should Reflect on Biblical Readings

  When we read The Bible, sometimes we do not do it to reflect, but that is a big mistake. Today we talk about how we should approach reading and reflecting on God's Word. If you need help with prayer go to  https://academy.kendravonesh. com/p/go-deep

Reality Reflections - We Do Not Say This Enough

Sometimes we forget to say this to Jesus, others and ourselves! Plus, I share my big flub up on Friday, Reconciliation on Saturday and the powerful Palm Sunday!